This is probably the most boring part of my website, but for those who want to know, here is my story.

I’m a simple person, who doesn’t really like being In the spotlight, and all I’ve ever really wanted in life was freedom. Freedom to spend my time how I want, freedom from being jailed into the daily routine of a 9:00am -5:00pm job. They say it’s 9-5 but really its more like 6am-8pm when you take into account the travel, getting ready, getting home, and relaxing. Life just had to have more to offer.

So after spending decades as an I.T. consultant, where I worked for some of the biggest IT consulting firms on the planet, and was getting paid okay money, I just wanted out. I was sick of having a boss (even though his personality was great), and I wanted to sleep in every single day, not just weekends.

So I had always been a bit of an entrepreneur, where throughout my life i had tried different things, from trading the financial market, online product businesses, online informational products, brick and mortar businesses, mortgage notes, and real estate flipping.

So I’ve gathered some pretty good knowledge about allot of things, because when I get into something, I get in deep. And each of these had given some form of success, but nothing to quit my job over.

So then I really had to focus, and focus on one thing. I had to lazer focus on the one thing that was going to get me out of the rat race, and give me the lifestyle I wanted.

That’s when I decided that the easiest thing out of all of these options, is most likely real estate, and me being a lazy person, I needed something easy.

I then totally focused on real estate, making it the one and only thing i was doing outside of work. Whenever I had the opportunity, I would live and breath real estate. I would read up on it, or make some phone calls to research how things really worked.

I went and done every course I could find, every book i could get my hands onto, and just started taking action and making mistakes.

The knowledge I learned was excellent, and I would not have made any progress without it, but I quickly learned that this business is like learning to drive a car. You can’t just read about it, you need to jump into it, and start acting on what you learn, and just do it.

I won’t bore you with all the details, as the rest is now history. But I continue to focus on real estate, and all the different creative ways you can make it work not only for you, but for all parties involved within the deal.

Luv to hear your story, so please email me and let me know [email protected]