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Are you looking for “Investment property for sale”?
Are you looking to invest in real estate at bargain prices?
Do you want to become a landlord?
Do you need to meet a particular criterion before investing?

Buying properties through traditional channels such as real estate agents can be time consuming and expensive. Plus you will be paying retail prices (not wholesale).

Now, why would you want to pay retail, when you have the option of buying at wholesale?

Whether you’re looking for residential, multi-family, commercial, agricultural, or construction, I can help.

All my properties are off-market at wholesale prices, so if you’re cashed up and ready to move fast, then I can help.

I have an incoming stream of off-market properties direct from sellers and Bank REO.

I find you off-market properties. You then look at the property, perform your due diligence, and respond with a cash offer

Why buy from me?

  • Offer market (direct from seller or Bank REO)
  • Wholesale prices
  • Can close within seven days
  • Suitable for new home buyers with small deposits
  • Suitable for investors buying many properties
  • Electronic paperwork available for your convenience

How it works

Follow the simple five-step process below to buying off-market houses from me.

    1. You fill in the form below so we can chat
    2. We talk so I can better understand what you’re looking for
    3. I find you what you want through contacting Bank for REO and private sellers
    4. I show you properties that meet your criteria
    5. You inspect the property and buy it.

Complete the form below and let’s talk