Do you think you could earn $13K in 37 days?
This course will show you how, and if after 37 days, you’re not on your way to making the $37K, then I will be happy to give you a full refund.

The cost of the course is $997, if interested please contact me [email protected]

Course Benefits

  • Learn to flip houses with no money down
  • Flip US houses virtually from anywhere in the world
  • See your 18 month plan to financial freedom through real estate
  • Find people on the ground, to do the work for you
  • Digital contracts for email and receiving electronic signatures
  • When and how to build a team for business growth
  • List of tools, software and resources for getting organized and automated

Target Audience

  • Dreamers who want to get into real estate but have little money
  • Entrepreneur’s looking to grow a business through real estate investing
  • White collar workers stuck in the rate race, looking to get out


  • Module 1:
    – Sourcing properties,
    – Building sellers list,
    – Picking the right areas,
    – Building your website & landing pages
    – Configuring your phone call system
    – Configuring your deal management system
    – Q&A

  • Module 2:
    – Preparing for the phone call appointment
    – Calculating ARV (After repairs value)
    – Determine offer price
    – Script to make a phone offer
    – Preparing online contracts for seller to sign
    – Script to follow up and get deal signed
    – Dealing with objections

  • Module 3:
    – Finding buyers and building a best buyers list
    – Preparing online contact for buyer to sign
    – Finding closing companies
    – Choosing the right closing approach
    – What to watch out for
    – Q&A

  • Module 4:
    – Selecting the right closing agent (tips)
    – What happens on closing day
    – Negotiating with the buyer
    – Getting the property sold
    – Case study
    – Q&A

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